The well-preserved cross-shaped fortress of the first centuries CE, the period immediately predating the blossom of Sogdian civilization on the Silk Road.
Kurbanov, Omelchenko, Pulotov, 2019, fig.16
Tali Khamtuda fortress


The uniqueness and value of Tali Khamtuda lies in the fact that it was possible to explore completely the monument, which reflects the interaction of the highly developed culture of the Sogd plain and the more archaic culture of its mountainous regions, and clearly demonstrates the influence of the former on the latter. It reflects the coexistence in one place of a continuous culture with different religions. It is a complex of ancient fortresses and settlements, with an adjacent Muslim cemetery.

Tali Khamtuda was chosen for the nomination as an outstanding example of late antique – early medieval stronghold.

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