Toksankoriz is the best-preserved water-supply gallery of Zarafshan river basin. Its wealth was and still is principally dependent on artificial irrigation of the crops.
Penjikent expedition
Toksankoriz irrigation system

The koriz of this area is different from kareez or qanat systems in Iran or in Turfan oasis: it is not an underground channel going from piedmonts, but a gallery-like canal dug through the rock, often not far from its cliff, thus leading water for irrigation through natural obstruction. The facility is an outstanding testimony of human interaction with the environment. This irrigation facility is evidence of the continued use of natural resources during the intensive existence of the Silk Road through the Middle Ages. It is an example of the use of an outstanding human genius in the form of technical and scientific achievements in creating this system over different eras by irrigators from 6th to 12th century, still in use until 1930s.

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